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What is it and why is it needed?

Program and Project Management (PM) is the overarching discipline that comprises a series of well defined processes that enable managers to appropriately define a task, plan out the activities, execute the plan, monitor the progress, control the processes, define success, and close it out. It was originally developed to handle large and complex endeavors that spanned long periods of time. Development of a new naval ship or key shipboard systems, a new aircraft or the flight control software to control that aircraft, or the one most recognizable are the NASA space programs that eventually put a man on the moon and enabled an international space station to be built. These successes don’t just happen by luck. They require clear objectives, skilled resources, a workable plan, flexibility of constraints, enabling technologies, and a well executed stakeholder communication plan. All of these programs are part of the evolution of project management. As a result of these larger programs, sub processes are developed to support the larger mission. These sub processes are allocated to the 5 major phases of a project; initiation, planning, implementation, monitor/control, closeout.

Recent statistics on IT project success globally have not been good. In study after study that has been conducted by independent firms since 1997, the failure rate of IT projects exceeds 50%. Of the projects that have been completed, the majority have been late and/or exceeded their budgets by more than 100%. From a business perspective this is not a value added result and does not address the missed marketing opportunities for revenue growth as a result of the missed opportunities. So although repetitive experience running projects has enabled the community of PM professionals to develop a rich set of best practices and tools, the successful execution of those practices and integrity of the data in the tools continues to elude many organizations. Not at Le-Arnold.

Why Le-Arnold?

Le-Arnold consulting PM professionals have been chosen based on their record of success, technical expertise, PM skills, and their adaptability to complex customer environments. Many have served in several areas of IT technical management in support of complex enterprise solutions. Le-Arnold PM professionals have learned to manage the delicate balance between stakeholder needs, vague requirements, available funding, time constraints, poor process integration, and skilled resources. The PMBOK provides valuable information and guidance for a structured, well-behaved environment. Le-Arnold experienced professionals take that to the next level of adapting what works for the environment and inventing new methods and processes that bring results.

Le-Arnold PM professionals are involved in the development and execution of technical and management control programs specifically involving IT infrastructure projects, application development, O&M activities, and vendor management. Currently, Le-Arnold consultants are supporting a major DHS component in its $2B contract acquisition, second largest in the federal government, for managed services support. Le-Arnold provides project management oversight to ensure the smooth and secure continuation of IT support services during the transition from the current IT services vendor to the new IT services vendor.

All Le-Arnold PM professionals are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and bring experience from a wide group of agencies and industries including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Treasury, IT, Telecom, Nuclear, and others.

Examples of our PM services include but are not limited to:

– O&M Support Services
– Communication Planning Services
– Project Management Planning Services
– Scope Definition/ Charter Creation Services
– Work breakdown Structure (WBS) development Services
– Work package development Services
– Resource Planning Services
– Risk Management Planning Services
– Schedule Development Services
– IT technical management Services
– Application development Services
– Best Practice Resource Services
– Talent Builder Services
– Whitepaper development
– Design and implement SharePoint websites
– Collection and documentation of customer requirements
– Project Financial support: cost estimates, tracking, cost benefit analysis, status, forecast, etc
– Leadership Development Services
– Status reporting services
– PM Maturity Assessments
– Earned Value Management Services (EVM)